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Food For Good Recycling Centre

Funded by the Recycling Fund, Food for Good establishes a state-of-the-art food waste recycling and recovery hub located in Kwai Tsing district, offering food waste collection and source separation services to meet the food industry and housing estates’ demanding need. Food waste collected will be delivered to the Recycling Centre for sorting and separation. Proper source separation is an important step. Edible surplus food or ingredients will be used in producing hot meals or distributed directly to the needy. Non-edible food waste will be delivered to O · PARK1 locating at Siu Ho Wan or other recycling facilities for further process. Other recyclable wastes, such as paper, metals, and plastics, would be separated from other wastes and placed at appropriate recycling bins.

The project aims at enhancing the effectiveness of food waste recycling and the reduction of municipal waste. We also organize training courses and promotional events to instill behavioral change and a proper way of sorting and recycling food waste.

The project employs Geographic Information System (GIS) for data gathering, managing, and analysis. GIS mapping system reveals deeper insights and helps us plan, monitor, and manage the routing more efficiently, thus reducing the carbon emission. What is more, to better manage our fleet and to ensure efficiency and safety, we utilize Global Positing System (GPS) to monitor and track our vehicles’ locations and activities at any time.

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