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Packaged Meals are Ready!

Let’s find out how packaged meals are prepared!

The community kitchens of Food For Good have been running hot meal service scheme. Free packaged meals are provided to the disadvantaged who need assistance, benefiting people in many districts. Kitchen members prepare a huge number of packaged meals. To ensure that food is delivered to the recipients safely and punctually, a systematic workflow is very important. Now, let’s see how the workflow is executed.

  1. Collect edible surplus food: edible surplus food is collected from markets, supermarkets and food suppliers, so as to facilitate the preparation of packaged meals.

  2. Cook food and then fill in meal boxes: the food collected is cooked and then packed into meal boxes.

  3. Put the packaged meals in thermal boxes: the packaged meals are put in thermal boxes so that they are kept within the safe temperature range.

  4. Transport packaged meals to distribution spots: the thermal boxes containing packaged meals are transported to various distribution spots.

  5. Distribute packaged meals: packaged meals are distributed to beneficiaries at distribution spots.

  6. Collect and wash meal boxes: meal boxes are collected and then washed.