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Message From Founder and Patron

regina leung

How much of your food are you literally throwing away? How much do you know about Hong Kong’s food waste problem? In barely a year, we generate about 1.3 million tonnes of food waste. 1.3 million tonnes of food waste can fill up either 3,488 Olympic-size swimming pools or 65,408 lorries, each weighing 20 tonnes, which can queue the G4 Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway running from Hong Kong, Shenzhen and reaching Zheng Zhou. It is estimated that 1.3 million tonnes of food waste can feed 20 million people in hunger. In 2011, Hong Kong generated over 3,584 tonnes of food waste daily, accounting for about 40 per cent of municipal solid waste, and was disposed of at landfills every day. Hong Kong is running out of landfill space far earlier than expected. The disposal of food waste led not just a high cost of handling but a formation of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, imposing severe burden to our environment. Food waste in landfills also causes odour as it decomposes. Worst of all, food waste is a drain on natural resources.

Food For Good is neither a political advocacy group nor a pressure group. Food For Good aims to empower and inspire the community to enact positive solutions to the issue of food waste. We work with various non-governmental organizations, community organizations, food and beverage industry, housing estates, schools, industrial and commercial sectors and even more to mobilize a change of attitudes, habits and behavior in handling food waste and to promote a greener eating habit.

Reducing food waste conserves scarce natural resources, saves money and can fight climate change. HONG KONG IS OUR HOME that deserves our love and attention. Scarce natural resources shall not be further depleted. Act now and reduce our ecological footprints at once by wasting no food! Let us put food into good use and say no to food waste!

Mrs. Regina Leung

Message From Chairman

joe leung

Food waste has increasingly become a critical issue in most of the richer cities of the world, including Hong Kong. The impact of food waste not only affects the economy but also the environment. The amount of food being wasted is tremendous yet there are still millions of people in the world living below subsistence level. People around the world became aware of and determined to tackle this issue.

Established in November 2012,Food For Good is a non-profit making organisation aims to promote a greener eating habit in Hong Kong. The Executive Committee of Food For Good comprises a team of specialists who are committed to the mission of facilitating the reduction of food waste through the redistribution of surplus edible food and recycling food waste.

Food For Good serves as a platform by engaging our strategic partners to take innovative and concerted actions to reduce food waste in all walks of life. We provide professional support and guidance towards the implementation of related projects on food waste reduction, and also referral of resources.

If you would like to know more about FoodFor Good, this website will definitely give you a more in-depth understanding ofour mission and works. Most important, you are welcome to contact us and embark on a new journey to a greener world.

Professor Joe Leung, MH, JP

Our Mission

our mission

Food For Good is committed to promote and facilitate food waste reduction in Hong Kong through redistribution of surplus food and recycling of food waste.

Our Work

our work
  • To encourage a healthy and environmental friendly eating culture

  • To facilitate food waste reduction in Hong Kong

  • To promote the recycling of lunch box leftovers and the setting up of school gardens

  • To advocate the recycling of food waste and the setting up of community gardens in housing estates

  • To facilitate the setting up of community kitchens for redistributing surplus food to those in need

  • To promote a sustainable and environmental friendly management system for food and beverage industry

Governance Structure

Founder & Patron

Mrs. Regina Leung Tong Ching-yee


Hon. Prof. Peggy Lam Pei Yu-dja, GBS, SBS, OBE, JP

The Hon. Mrs. Fanny Law Fan Chiu-fun, GBM, GBS, JP

Prof. Lam Kin-che, SBS, JP

Ms. Ip Shun-hing, BBS, MH, JP

Prof. Paul Tam Kwong-hang, JP

Ms. Caroline Mak Sui-king, JP

Executive Committee


Prof. Joe Leung Cho-bun, BBS, MH, JP


Prof. Jonathan Wong Woon-chung, MH, JP


Mr. Yeung Ka-sing, GBS, JP

Mr. Simon Wong Ka-wo, BBS, JP

Mrs. Irene Yau Lee Che-yun, ISO

Sub-Committee Chairpersons

District relations

Ms. Diana Chen

Housing Estate

Mr Martin KS Lee

Food and Beverage

Mr Daryl WK Ng

Food Recycling

Mr Michael Wu

Community Kitchen

Dr Shirley Cheung