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Food For Good Roadshow @ Tung Chung

Food For Good Roadshow@ Tung Chung was held on 27 June, 2015.

"Food For Good" visited Tung Chung on 27 June, 2015. Lucky bags were given to the neighbourhood residents. We would like to thank "Tung Chung Safe and Healthy City" for assisting us in organizing the event, "HKSKH Tung Chung Integrated Services", "The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council Tung Chung Integrated Services Centre" and "OIWA" for their support, as well as "HKFEW Wong Cho Bau School" for providing the event venue. The wonderful performance of the school’s drum corps won loud applause. We would like to thank the voluntary team of "Tung Chung Safe and Healthy City Connections" for their assistance. The performance on towel exercise even heated up the atmosphere. We would also like to thank the suppliers and volunteers for their support, so that the vision of Food For Good could be widely promoted.