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Parent-child Education and Voluntary Service at Yau Tong Community Kitchen

A group of volunteers came to "Food For Good Yau Tong Community Kitchen" to help prepare packaged meals for the needy on 4 March 2018. At the same time, the children of these volunteers attended a talk of "Food For Good Jockey Club Green Living Education Programme" at "Food For Good Jockey Club Education Centre", which is located next to the community kitchen. "Food For Good" would like to thank all the participants for their help and support.

During the event, adults prepared packaged meals in the kitchen while children learned environmental protection knowledge, including how to prepare compost using kitchen waste, at the education centre. The children participated in the event also joined an experiential activity during which they simulated preparing packaged meals for the needy. Through this activity, children could understand the importance of cherishing food. Both adults and children had a meaningful day.

Food For Good will also organize this kind of activity which involves both education and voluntary service in future. Parents are welcome to join these activities with their children aged below 16. Through these activities, participants can help the needy as well as carry out an environmental friendly lifestyle.

Details including how to sign up for the activities will be announced some time before the events. Please stay tuned to the Facebook page of Food For Good: