Food for Good Community Kitchens

S.K.H.Yautong Kei Hin Primary School Members Visited FFG Yau Tong Community Kitchen 02/2018

S.K.H.Yautong Kei Hin Primary School members visited FFG Yau Tong Community Kitchen.

Harvest for Good

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How can we handle food waste after lunch? Should we dispose of the food waste in a rubbish bin?

Having learned about knowledge on cherishing food, students from S.K.H.Yautong Kei Hin Primary School have walked the talk by turning waste to treasure! Compost has been produced from food waste and used for planting. With students' dedication to planting, baskets of vegetables were harvested. The students then brought with them the vegetables when they visited FFG Yau Tong Community Kitchen, so that the vegetables could be used by chefs to prepare packaged meals for the needy. Even primary school students treasure food, let’s join them!

Visitors can join workshops at ""Food For Good Jockey Club Education Centre"". Through talks and learning activities, the public can learn about problems caused by food waste. Also, children can develop a proper attitude to food and contribute to environmental protection.

Parent-child volunteers and the public are welcome to join the experiential activities at our education centre. For enquries or signing up for activities, please contact us at 3188 2007.