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Pre-Lunar New Year Poon Choi Luncheon

Pre-Lunar New Year Poon Choi Luncheon has been held successfully.

A pre-Lunar New Year poon choi luncheon jointly held by "Food For Good" as well as "HomeMarket" and sponsored by "the Lee Shau Kee Foundation" was held successfully on 2 February 2018. During the event, more than two hundred elderly people had delicious poon choi together. The venue was full of joy.

During the event, volunteer fitness instructors taught the elderly fitness exercise, so that they could exercise at home. There were also magic performances, enhancing the happy atmosphere.

Food For Good would like to thank all the benevolent people, guest performers and volunteers, including Team of Care, volunteers from HomeMarket as well as Food For Good volunteers, for their support. Without the support from the parties concerned, the event would not have been successful.